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Custom Built Fiberglass Hull,  Color Side Scanning Sonar, Radar/DGPS/VHF/Single Side Band Radio, 200 Scoop Bait Tank, Refrigeration fish hold, Integrated North Star System Auto Pilot, All Trips: Limited Load

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Just offshore of the Pacific Ocean provides a unique sea-life, and allows access to an abundance of fish species, and deep sea fishing within hours of leaving port.

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With over 40 years of fishing experience in the Pacific Ocean, owner/skipper Keith and Hunter have the expert knowledge to plan the best fishing charter for you.

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All the gear you can be supplied by us, and our experienced skippers and crew will provide expert assistance, giving you the experience of a lifetime.

Mag Bay, Mexico

Its time to start making your reservations for Mag Bay!

We have a limited schedule that allows our anglers to fly into Loreto and fish in Mag Bay! 4 & 5 Day trips all-inclusive fishing the lush waters of Baja. Ultra Super limited load trips to 12 anglers. Gear provided by Okuma Fishing USA Soft Steel USA and Beer provided by Pacifico Beer makes these trips even better. It time to book and take full advantage of affordable fares and some of the best fishing in the world in the 30 day period that we are there!

The strip of beach is accessed only by boat. Regular tours to the beach depart from Porto Vromi to the south, and from Agios Nikolaos and Cape Skinari to the north-east. Boats also arrive from the harbor of Zakynthos city.

San Diego, California

Our all-time favorite city.

From the start of the 20th century through the 1970s, the American tuna fishing fleet and tuna canning industry were based in San Diego, “the tuna capital of the world”. San Diego’s first tuna cannery was founded in 1911, and by the mid-1930s the canneries employed more than 1,000 people. A large fishing fleet supported the canneries, mostly staffed by immigrant fishermen from Japan, and later from the Portuguese Azores and Italy whose influence is still felt in neighborhoods like Little Italy and Point Loma. Due to rising costs and foreign competition, the last of the canneries closed in the early 1980s.

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Puerto Vallarta for massive big game fish like marlin, sailfish, and tuna, as well as bottom fishing trips.

During the 18th century, as Mascota grew, Puerto Vallarta grew with it, transforming itself from a small fishing and pearl-diving village into a small beach-landing port serving the Sierra towns. At the time the main port serving Jalisco was located at San Blas, but the inconvenient overland route from San Blas to the Sierra towns made Puerto Vallarta a more convenient alternative for smaller shipments, not to mention smuggling operations which evaded the tax collectors at San Blas. Puerto Vallarta also became a vacation destination for residents of the Sierra Towns, and by the mid 19th century, the town already had its regularly returning population of vacationers. Most of the early settlers in Puerto Vallarta were families who had left the Sierra towns for one reason or another.