What could I say. Fishing has been incredible. We are heading in from a open 2.5 day trip with a plugged boat

Yellowfin from 40 to 80lbs tested all the anglers gear and physical health. 50lb/60lb is key to landing these. When your on them there is no problem getting bit. Did I mention there were 11 bluefin tuna to add to the catch? Lots of casualties on this go around, but I guess that what happens when you chase these fish. Stoked to see our anglers get their personal bests. I think we had 99 percent on this trip. See you down here. Book your spots for September and October. It’s already filling up and August is sold out. If your group is interested in chartering the Constitution for San Diego next season now is the time to get your deposits in. We specialize in ultra limited load multi day trips. Call us at the Constitution office and talk to Nicole. She will get you dialed in.

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