This season has not been short of spectacular.

Giant yellowfin to over 400lbs have been seen and landed this season and it looks like things are not slowing down. Our last 3.5 day annual Alex Chen trip scored big time. 90 percent of our group had personal bests. Fish to 277 lbs were landed. Congratulations to our anglers.
Mark R 277lber
Jon Edick 274 lber
Loren Corral 247 lber
Mark Fujimoto 231 lber
Eric Smith 214 lber
Paul Kim 185lber
Len Lucin 172lber
Garret Johnson 165lber
Wayne Decker 160lber
Charlie Yang 135lber
Alex Chen 90lber
James Su 90 lber

We still have space available for our last Open 3.5 April 25-29 $1540 gets you onboard and our season in San Diego running out of H&M Landing.
Check out and reserve your spot on one of our great trips this summer. Hope to fish with you soon.

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