PV meets San Diego Fishing. Epic! 1.5 day trip wide open big yellowfin tuna from 40-110 lbs.

53 Total boated -Got them on the kite, helium balloon and flylined sardine. 14 hour stop with fish hanging the entire time.  Some casualties, but for the most part we captured majority of them. Anglers that knew how to Flyline a bait had over 10 opportunities. August looks full but we have a few openings in September. Come fish with us.

Fish just don’t jump into the fish hold. Hours of prep, the right tools,helium, Kites, and persistence paid off for us. Tough enough to find a school that wants to bite, but when it does we have the equipment and experience to increase your chances of landing a personal best. 100 percent personal bests of yellowfin tuna for everyone onboard. Thank you for San Diego Sportfishing with us.


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