Lots of huge Tuna and Capt. E Gets a Birthday Swordfish

Returned yet again from the lush waters of Puerto Vallarta and perfect weather to match. Our last 3.5 open party trip ran with 10 anglers in hopes of giant yellowfin tuna and good times. Good times and big fish were landed. Giant yellowfin tuna were eating the flylined cabbie, and balloon rig. Capt Keith eyeballed a 100lb finning swordfish on the surface and Capt Evaristo baited it with a cabbie and a Okuma 50 & super Seeker 64634x with 130lb Izor floro. It took all about 15 min to land. A great birthday to E. Congratulations to all our personal bests onboard. We are running our last open party trip on April 25-29 3.5 day $1540 gets you onboard. Contact Nicole in the office. Capt Keith.

Todd Cameron 288 lber
Todd Cameron 256 lber
Vladimir Kustic 256 lber
Andrei Karapetian 256 lber
Rick Early 234 lber
Ryan Evans 216 lber
Ozzie Azatorian 185 lber
Alfonso DeAlba 170 lber
Ryan Evans 160 lber
Marko Boyapzis 150lber



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