Capt Steve arrived last night from their trip with 29 bluefin tuna to 150lbs. There some incredible night bites happening right now with a large push of yellowfin, yellowtail to go with it. Be ready to target BFT, YFT and YT on any one of our trips. Trips are filling up very fast and we are a “definite go” on all of our trips till The end of Oct. now is a good time to plan ahead for the epic fall bluefin we will be encountering in Oct and Nov. check out and look up the Constitution! @hmlanding_since1935 @aftco @okumafishingusa ...

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Constitution is in need of a cook. Position will start tomorrow Sunday at 6pm. Great pay and working environment. Must be able to cook breakfast, lunch and dinner from 1-4 day trips. Call 866-903-7742 or message us. ...

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If haven’t fished with this floro you should. We feel it works well for us. @aftco ...

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Capt Steve got the girls on the big bluefin on our last 2.5 day. There are spots still available on our upcoming open part schedule. @hmlanding_since1935 @aftco @okumafishingusa @mustadfishing ...

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The odds of you sitting on your sofa this weekend pounding coors lights isn’t going to get you the opportunity to land one of these. Put down that beer and make a reservation. If you don’t have the gear the boat has it for rent. to make it easy for you. No bluefin where harmed landing these fish. #coorslight #getoffthecouch #itsyourturn #aftco#okumafishingusa ...

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The big ones were biting on our last 2.5 day charter. Thanks again Myers group for bringing a great group of anglers. Hope to you again next season. There are open trips available all season long (til November 15th!) call 619-222-1144 to sign up on the Constitution. to book online. See you on the boat!
@hmlanding_since1935 @poseidon_sportfishing @aftco @okumafishingusa

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With bluefin, yellowfin, yellowtail and big talks of albacore have been talked on the docks in the last 12 hours. Here are some trips to reserve your spot on. The whole fleet is booking up fast and it’s time to lock in your trips before it’s sold out.
July 11 overnight.
July 20 1.5 day.
July 22 overnight.
July 29 overnight
Aug 4 overnight
Aug 31 1.75
Call H&M Landing at 619-222-1144 ask for the Constitution or log on .
Capt Keith @hmlanding_since1935 @poseidon_sportfishing @aftco @okumafishingusa @mustadfishing

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Come get your tonight. The big fish are biting. 1.5 day 5 spots left! Bring 30-100lb!
@hmlanding_since1935 @okumafishingusa @aftco

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26 bluefin to 200lbs. Excellent fishing for 5 different family’s on our 4th of July return trip. Our 1.75 day had a stop for 10 fish on the kite and sinker rig les then 12 miles from the harbor. It’s getting real out there. Nearly impossible to get on a weekend trip and mid week trips are almost sold out. Get out and get some of this. Now is the time to book in advance or jump on a last minute spot! Call 619-222-1144 and get onboard 2 of the nicest boats at H&M. Capt Keith #okumafishingusa #aftco #hmlandingsince35 @hmlanding_since1935 ...

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Another happy angler scored on back to back drops with 2 bluefin on our last 1.75 day. 56 bluefin to 150lbs were decked. Come prepared when you fish with us.
30-40lb rod, 50-60lb rod, 80-100lb rod 2-4 oz torpedos, 2,1,1/0 circle hooks, knife jigs and flat falls, 25,30,40,50, 60 100lb fluorocarbon leader will always help. Join us on our mid week bluefin trip. We are a definite go with 14 onboard. Light load with big fish opportunities. Call H&M Landing 619-222-1144 for reservations all summer long. Yellowfin, dorado, and albacore are in the counts. See you onboard. Capt Keith #aftco #okumafishingusa #hmlandingsince35 #sandiegobluefin @hmlanding_since1935

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Heading out on a 1.75 day. Wishing everyone a safe 4th. #america. ...

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Day or night drop the jig foe an opportunity like this one on our last trip. Angler and Chartermaster Frank LaCoco on the Constitution and Poseidon caught this 217lber dropping a jig 500’ last night.Bring 20, 30, 40, 50-60 and 80-100lb on our upcoming trips. 2-6oz torpedos, 2,1,1/0,2/0 circle hooks. Knife and flat fall jigs with upgraded hooks. See you on the boat this weekend. Gonna be a great weekend!
##aftco #okumafishingusa #hmlandingsince35 @hmlanding_since1935

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Never gets old. Bluefin fishing at its finest. #hmlandingsince35 #aftco #okumafishingusa @hmlanding_since1935 ...

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First fishing trip of his life. Rented a rod from H&M Landing Caught 4 bluefin tuna to 60lbs on our last 2 day trip. It was that easy. If your in need to get on some of this great offshore action give us a call at 619-222-1144 or check out select trips/Constitution. Summer is selling fast and we have just opened the fall schedule. Capt Keith #aftco #okumafishingusa #saiko #hmlandingsince35 @hmlanding_since1935 ...

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The night bite continues. The early bird always gets the worm. Plan on napping on the way out and fish for 36hrs straight on our 1.5’s. Our anglers are getting more rail time than ever. Regular passenger on the Poseidon and Constitution got his 225lber on a SK jig 400 feet down. Ate the jig on the sink and it was history from there. If your dreams of catching a big tuna of a lifetime. Call 866-903-7742 to book a charter or 619-222-1144 and get on the best season ever. Don’t forget to bring 25,30,40,60&80lb leader to go along with some 2,3,4,6,8 oz lead torpedos. Hooks 2, 1, 1/0, 2/0 and a heavy rod 80-130lb. Always for rent onboard. Walk down to the boat before you go to make sure you have everything you need. Capt Keith. #aftco #hmlandingsince35
#okumafishingusa #getreadytogrind #itsbitinginthedark #heavygear. @hmlanding_since1935

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Epic fishing continues. 2 day 976 tuna charter. Connected with multiple cows and school sized bluefin. Bring 25 to 100lb gear. #historicalbluefin
Hmlanding_since1935 #aftco #okumafishingusa @hmlanding_since1935

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