Capt Jesus and I just arrived from Erika’s 3.5 day trip with huge success.

eric-tunaCows!! Multiple anglers were are commenting on how stoked to be able to capture their personal bests with us on the last five trips. After a long list of duties, we had a chance to take a nice break at the yacht club. A call came in from Brandon Hayward. He stayed at Paradise Village after a great trip with us where his personal group landed six cows up to 315lbs. His request was to check with the hotel to see if his clothes that were left behind at the hotel were still. Not only he left his clothes he also left 1540.00 in his pocket. We are proud to have five stars Paradise Village Marina and Resort is our choice to keep our vessel docked, but to refer our anglers and their families a place that is safe and secure. Capt Keith.

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