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  • Cows are biting. 7 over 200!

    Jim Michell’s 2.5 day came in this morning with personal bests. Super Seeker 6463 4x’s and 2×4’s matched up with Okuma Sea 50’s and 30’s loaded with Tuff-Line 00 and 130 braid with Izorline 100 & 130 fluorocarbon finished them off. Perfect weather to go along with a great group as always. Capt Keith, Jesus,…

  • Cows from 204 to 256lbs!!

    Back in from a 2.5 day with our annual David Goodman charter. Cows from 204 to 256lbs were landed. Great weather and anglers. Stoked to have a VI (visual impaired) onboard to land his first tuna. Congrats Trever Rolland on our first day jackpot. 204, 224, 256 took top honors. Looking forward to our next…

  • Finishing off this 3.5 day with great weather, food and fishing with personal best for most.

    Gearing up for a couple more trips before we take off for Christmas. Check out for more info on trips and everything you need to come to Puerto Vallarta or in San Diego. Capt Keith

  • Another great catch! Capt E back at it again.

    Here are pics from the 976-Tuna Charter. Large grade of yellowfin and bluefin. Heavy casualties and heartbreaks. Great group of anglers that got it done at the end. Stoked to have Capt E onboard.

  • Pics from our last 2.5 day

    Over 100 quality yellowfin tuna up to 75lbs, bluefin to 80lbs and just under 50 yellowtail from 18-25lbs. We are accepting charters for next season. If you have a group that would like to get the Constitution experienced. Contact Nicole at 866-903-7742.  

  • Limits of Bluefin. Join us this season or contact us to book a charter for next season.

    A familiar sight as of late. Hope this keeps up till the end of the season. Limits of big bluefin tuna from 70-95lbs for our group and crew. 1.5 day trip with beautiful weather and a great group of anglers. See you next year! Also look who showed up. Capt Evaristo is back from Alaska.

  • Back at the dock from our last 3.5 with the holds plugged.

    100 plus Big bluefin and Yellowfin was our main target. Personal bests for most anglers. Bring the 40,50 and 60. Accepting reservations for our 2017 summer season at H&M Landing. Contact Nicole at 877-903-7742 and experience what everyone is talking about.    

  • Great fishing for big YFT & BFT

    Bring the 20,40 & 50. Flat falls, couple 12 oz torpedos and don’t forget the 2 speeds. There are schools of 15-40lbers and 60-150lbers in the same area. So come prepared. A BIG thank you to ABC building Supply and GAF for fishing with us. Great times. Looking forward to fishing with you next season…

  • What could I say. Fishing has been incredible. We are heading in from a open 2.5 day trip with a plugged boat

    Yellowfin from 40 to 80lbs tested all the anglers gear and physical health. 50lb/60lb is key to landing these. When your on them there is no problem getting bit. Did I mention there were 11 bluefin tuna to add to the catch? Lots of casualties on this go around, but I guess that what happens…